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Bryan + Jessica
May 25, 2013
“Wine, Ring, and Everything in-Between” The WHO: Jessica and Bryan (life partners to be) The WHERE: Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada - May 25, 2013 The HOW: Magic looking back on it – a full weekend ...

of happy surprises and emotions, made possible by the unforgettable and forever appreciated efforts of many, including the wonderful team at James Allen On May 25th, 2013, Jessica and I were celebrating our 3rd year anniversary together, and we had casually talked of a weekend away in the renowned Niagara on the Lake wine region to celebrate the day – Niagara holds a special place in our hearts, and wine is a big part of our family’s lives. After Jessica convinced me to squeeze in a running race that very morning in Toronto, we departed for Niagara-on-the-lake to celebrate our 3rd anniversary…or so she thought. One realization on Jessica’s mind was that I had not mentioned a single detail about where we were staying or how we could spend our time that weekend (apart from a few jokes that the campgrounds can get cold, so she should bring her tent – which she did not own). Fully trusting me as she always has, she gave up probing for details and went along for the surprise journey. We arrived at a one-of-a-kind Bed & Breakfast with vaulted ceilings, bedroom fireplace, and private terrace. After meandering through the famous Old Town of Niagara and contemplating what it would be like to live there, I surprised Jessica with our favorite vinho verdé wine on the B&B terrace. Though Jess was completely content, suggesting we order pizza and live on the terrace for the night, we decided it would be nice to make use of the nice clothes we had brought and go out for dinner – but where?...I casually said, “We can walk until we find something we like, and if not, I might have a backup”… We eventually came up to what happened to be the number one Tripadvisor restaurant in Niagara, Tiara - “Reservation under Bryan, please”, I said to Jess’s utter surprise. Our center-window table was scattered with rose petals. After placing our meal orders, the restaurant’s Sommelier came over to offer assistance in our wine choice, and after hearing our meal choices, the Sommelier said, “I think I have a very special one for you”… Returning a few moments later, he presented a custom labeled wine bottle, which I had designed months prior and arranged with the Sommelier to bring over this evening for Jessica to read - the front: a photo of Jessica and me on our first trip to Niagara together; the back: an articulate tasting note about our relationship that ended with, “The truest, finest, everlasting vintage that yearns for just one question to be asked…”; Jessica looked up, and I was on one knee. On the day of celebrating 3 years of unimaginable happiness together, I couldn’t wait another moment to ask Jessica if I could spend all my years with her. Amidst overwhelming emotion, Jessica said yes, and we life partners were engaged! A nice touch, which Jessica had not noticed: the entire moment was filmed by the hostess, as I had secretly dropped off my camera with her on our way in, so we could relive the joyous moment. Jessica and I enjoyed the rest of our magical evening with a surprise congratulations dessert and the delectable company of the restaurant staff and 4 other tables who were celebrating their anniversaries and passing on their good luck on to us. Jessica stayed up two hours later that night in awe of her stunning princess cut diamond and custom-made ring by James Allen. The next day at breakfast, we shared our evening’s tale with our lovely hosts and other visitors at the B&B and then drove to a nearby wine vineyard; although Jessica thought the surprises were over, I had another surprise lunch arranged overlooking the vineyard vines with sparkling wine. We then traveled to our favorite winery in the area, where the family owners presented written notes of congratulations along with a gorgeous bottle of our favorite wine following a private tasting. The weekend celebration took days to set in with an emotional height of wonderful endorphins and happiness. We sincerely thank James Allen (Ashley and Garrett, you made our dream ring come true); Jessica cannot stop staring at and talking about “the most beautiful thing she has ever seen”. Both Jessica and I are forever excited and thankful to spend their lives together!
The Ring
Solitaire setting with princess cut diamond.


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