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To Toss or Not to Toss: That is the Question

To Toss or Not to Toss: That is the

What are your thoughts on the bouquet toss at weddings? Is this ancient tradition something that you want to do at your wedding? Or is the bouquet toss just a silly custom you can do without?

We did some research on the history of the bouquet toss and here is what came up with. Many moons ago brides carried scented bouquets of fruit, garlic, grains and herbs to keep away evil spirits and represent prosperity. After some years, the herbs and grains were replaced with flowers, which symbolized eternal love and fertility. Guests used to try to cut off a piece of the bride’s dress doe good luck. Finally someone brilliant discovered that it was far better to try and steal a flower from the bride’s bouquet rather than a part of her dress. This of course, turned into the bride tossing the bouquet in the air for one lucky single lady to catch. Catching the bouquet is a symbol of good luck- it is believed that the wmoan who catches the bouquet, will be the next to get married and get an engagement ring. 

The question remains: should you toss your wedding bouquet or toss the idea altogether?

A few pros and cons of the bouquet toss:

Pros: Participate in age old tradition; let your single friends experience the joy and rush of being the “next in line”; the toss breaks up dancing, 

Cons: Silly activity that sometimes gets wild; bouquet will most probably get ruined and you will not be able to take it home; may cause fights between friends eager to tie the knot next.

Ultimately the decision is up to you. Your wedding celebration will be beautiful regardless of whether or not you toss!


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