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Three Proposal Ideas

Three Proposal Ideas

Want your engagement to veer off the beaten path? Take some inspiration from these three stories.

Convergence in the Park

In this proposal, the WOMAN is accompanied by a GIRLFRIEND, who leads her to a bridge overlooking a river. GIRLFRIEND says to WOMAN, ''I just need to run to the bathroom for a moment,'' and leaves her alone. Suddenly, a small, three-piece band sets itself up (try guitar, bass and small drums) and begins singing the WOMAN's favorite song of all time (preferably a love song). This will capture WOMAN's attention long enough for MAN to row himself directly under the bridge where WOMAN is standing. MAN looks upward and gets her attention. Instead of the old ''down on bended knee'' trick, he is now, oh so romantically, positioned to pop the question of a lifetime (and even giving a nice shout out to the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet).

The Mile High Club Proposal

MAN and WOMAN are on a plane (get your mind out of the gutter; it's not that kind of story). One hour before landing, a STEWARDESS comes over the loudspeaker and announces that the airline all of the passengers have all been entered into a ''Honeymoon in Hawaii'' competition and the lucky winner area … you guessed it! Seats 32F and 32G (MAN and WOMAN, duh). When the STEWARDESS comes over to congratulate MAN and WOMAN, MAN says that they are not married so it wouldn't be a honeymoon. Then MAN asks the STEWARDESS if he can borrow her ring. STEWARDESS replies, ''Get your own ring!'' And MAN says, ''Okay.'' MAN proceeds to pull a ring out of his pocket and proposes to WOMAN.

The Chicken Dance Proposal

WOMAN works as a teacher at a school. WOMAN's school is having a talent show and unbeknownst to WOMAN, MAN has arranged to be the interim act between each different act. MAN comes out in a very large and very yellow chicken suit and begins to blast ''The Chicken Dance'' MAN proceeds to dance and make a complete and utter fool of himself (in the best of possible ways, of course). MAN, still dressed as CHICKEN, beings to hold up signs and asks the audience to read them aloud. After about 20 seconds of audience participation, he integrates the signs: WILL YOU MARY ME? WOMAN is slightly confused. MAN dressed as CHICKEN approaches her and removes his chicken head, gets down on one knee and pops the question. DISCLAIMER: NOT FOR VEGETARIANS



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