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Think Yourself Thin For Your Wedding

Think Yourself Thin For Your Weddin

Forget fad diets before exchanging wedding rings on your big day. Start thinking differently!  

Nutritionists are now saying that losing weight has more to do with how we think than what we eat.

‘There is a non-stop communication between your mind and body, but the mind is the most important because it drives your behavior,’ nutritionist and author of Think More, Eat Less, Janet Thomson says.

Rather than driving ourselves crazy with strict diets, Thomson suggests we change the way we think about food and how we treat our bodies. Thomson’s mind exercises are designed to help people stay slim. If you’re getting married soon and want to shed some pounds before your wedding, try the following.

THINK about how you want to look and feel in a certain amount of months. Visualize yourself reaching your goal weight. What do you look like? How do you feel? What are you wearing? Are you proud of your accomplishment?

WRITE down your goal. Read it aloud two times a day. Goals and ideas often become more tangible when they are put on paper.

KEEP a diary of what you eat and drink. Write down everything! Writing leads to awareness and forces you to take responsibility for what you are putting in your mouth.

SPEND time with people who will help you achieve your goal. Don’t waste time with people who will encourage you to eat unhealthy or fattening foods.

FOLLOW two golden rules: eat only when you're hungry and never use food as a reward.

Let us know how Janet Thomson's mind exercises work for you.



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