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The Most Romantic Thing He Ever Did

The Most Romantic Thing He Ever Did

We asked some James Allen customers what the most romantic thing their boyfriend, fiancées or husband did for them (aside from proposing with a diamond engagement ring, of course!) Here’s what they had to say...

“The most romantic thing my husband ever did for me was move across the world to London and marry me!” –Tanya L.

“He called me and told me to be ready outside my dorm and to pack an overnight bag. He wouldn't tell me for what. He basically whisked me away to my favorite hotel on the beach and brought a picnic. At nightfall he slipped out and told me he would call me when the surprise was ready. When he called he told me to follow the glow sticks he had set out to the beach. Sure enough he was waiting with a picnic and a blanket and delicious food!” – Nadine S.

“For my birthday this year, my fiancée delivered flowers delivered to my hotel in Paris. Unfortunately we couldn’t be together on my birthday because I was traveling for work. The flowers were more than enough though until we were able to celebrate together over dinner and wine.” –Briana H.

“We had a couple’s massage and Jacuzzi session at a local spa.” –Miranda R.

“He thought the most romantic thing he ever did was wrap a cherry in an onion inside 6 diff boxes. And then when I got to it he gave me a note explaining how I'm tough on the outside, but sweet like a cherry on the inside. I dunno, I think that’s pretty romantic too!” -Jasmine  M.

“This past Valentine's Day when I came home from work, my husband had the table set with candles. He had cooked us a steak dinner as a surprise. It was so romantic!” –Selena R.

Tell us, what was the most romantic thing your guy did for you?!


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