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How To Get Him To Pick Out Your Perfect Engagement Ring

Get Your Perfect Engagement Ring

Worried that your guy might not pick out the engagement ring of your dreams? Here are some sneaky tips to help get the message across, and most importantly, make him think it was his brilliant idea! Follow these 4 steps to make sure you get the perfect engagement ring.


Step 1

Be sure to clearly communicate your ring preference to your mom, female siblings all of your closest girlfriends. Emailing pictures of rings is ideal. Chances are that he’ll be happy to receive some direction from the ladies who know you best.


Step 2

Make sure to comment on any rings that you love or don’t love. When looking through US Weekly, ooh and aah over any celebrity engagement rings you like, or gag over rings you don’t like. Think Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring is totally tacky? Say to him: “Ugh, I would never wear a ring that big. I’d much rather wear something tasteful, like a carat or a carat and half.


Step 3

Compose an email to a friend who is also soon to be engaged, with the picture of your ideal ring. Write her an email and make sure to clearly type out something along these lines: “If were going to propose to me, this is the exact ring I would want.” Make sure to “accidentally leave your computer open for a while so that he can catch a glimpse of your dream engagement ring.


Step 4

Slip into a jewelry store the next time you’re out shopping together. It’s simple, straightforward and the sales people will do most of the work for you.


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