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Comfortable Brides From Jewelry to Dress

The Comfortable Bride

Have you ever seen a bride wearing a dress so tight she can barely breathe? Or heels so high she walks as if she’s always about to trip? I know I have. Which got me thinking… Why do brides feel a need to wear uncomfortable wedding attire? How can she possibly enjoy her wedding day if she’s experiencing discomfort or pain? Whoever coined the term Beauty is Pain should spend a few days in a corset.  It’s not the 1900’s anymore, and beauty and comfort can happily exist side by side.

Here are four ways to stay comfortable, while still looking your bridal best:


Simple Jewelry: Modest jewelry is something often overlooked by brides eager to make a good impression. Don’t douse yourself with layers of clunky jewels. Jewelry that’s too big can weigh you down and even distract from your dress. Avoid mega necklaces, ultra long earrings, and any rings other than your wedding and engagement rings.


Comfortable Shoes: If you plan on dancing the night away and want to actually enjoy it, you’re going to want comfortable shoes. Trade in your stilettos for a pair of classic flats or sporty shoes. No one will see them under your long gown, so you might as well prevent the blisters.  If you must wear uncomfortable heels for the ceremony, you can pack a pair of comfortable shoes to slip into afterwards.


Loose Hair:There are so many beautiful bridal hairstyles to choose from; there is no need to tie your hair back so tightly that you can’t remember your guests’ names. Loose hairstyles are very in these days. Check out celebrity hairstyles for inspiration. If you do want to pull your hair back, there are plenty of beautiful hair accessories that won’t cause you discomfort.


Forget the Overly Tight Undergarments: Most wedding dresses are figure flattering, so you don’t need to overdo it by wearing tummy-tucking girdles and tights. You might think the underwear will make you look as thin as Jennifer Aniston. But sorry babe, it’s all psychological! You’ll thank me when you actually enjoy your night and aren’t preoccupied by constantly repositioning your ribcage.


Comfortable brides naturally radiate beauty and have fun on their wedding day. They are able focus on the joy of the event, the guests, and their new hubby, as opposed to the discomfort of their dress. I urge you to truly enjoy your special day. Stay comfortable, stay beautiful!  


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