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The A-Z Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

A-Z Buying an Engagement Ring

You most definitely learned your ABC's in Kindergarten, but have you relearned them since you've gotten engaged? Before purchasing your engagement ring you might want to go back to basics.


Check out my A-Z guide to engagement ring shopping:

Assistance: Make sure to get proper assistance from professionals in the field.
Budget: Consider your price range carefully. Don't spend more than you can afford.
Certification: Check that the diamond you buy is certified by a legitimate diamond lab.
Design your own engagement ring: Why buy a cookie-cutter ring when you can add your personal touch?
Elegant: Chose a timeless, elegant ring. Don't go too trendy.
Family: Ask your family's opinion. They might have some good suggestions.
Gems: Not all engagement rings are diamond. Sapphire and Emerald rings are really in too! Happy: Your ring should make you happy; if you don't like it, return it.
Inspiration: Get inspired from celebrity designs, like Kate Middleton's gorgeous heirloom engagement ring.
Jewelry shopping is supposed to be fun; stop if your not having fun!
Kim Kardashian is a super wealthy celebrity. Don't compare your ring to her 20.5 carat sparkler! You will certainly feel subpar.
Love: Remember that engagement rings are symbols of love and commitment.
Make a list of qualities in your ring. This makes it easier to prioritize.
Never purchase a ring you're not comfortable with. Follow your gut.
Only try on rings you can afford...
Pride: Be proud of your personal style. Who cares what others are wearing. This is your ring!
Quit getting caught up in petty details. This is supposed to be enjoyoable!
Research rings before making a purchase. Do you know what the 5 C's are?
Size your ring accordingly so it doesn't fall off!
Take your time: Buying a ring is an investment. Don't rush.
Unique: A ring should reflect your unique personality. Stay true to yourself.
Vintage is really in. Explore the option of buying an antique style setting.
Wedding rings are important too! In case you've forgotten, you can find a wedding ring that is as much a reflection of you as your engagement ring.
Xtra diamonds never hurt anyone. Side stones compliment center stones beautifully.You, you you! Your engagement ring and engagement are NOT about your mother, mother-in-law, or best friend. Don't forget that!
Zzzzzz: Don't lose sleep over your engagement ring purchase. It's not worth the baggy eyes.


Now you've learned your ABC's next time won't you buy an engagement ring for me?


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