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Study Shows Men Want Marriage Like Women Do

Men Want Marriage Just Like Women D

Conventional wisdom holds that women want marriage and men want to be single.

But a new study argues that single guys want relationships, marriage and (gasp!) children.

Chronicled by Belinda Luscombe in the Huffington Post, conducted a study of over five-thousand single men and women, which led to some pretty out of the ordinary results. The biggest shocker? Males between ages 24-50 had a higher desire to marry than women of the same age.

Yes, I said HIGHER.

And when they got down to the details, it was more important to women to have separate bank accounts, personal space, vacations independent of their significant others and nights out with their friends. Men just didn't seem to care as much. They also didn't care as much about the race and religion of their significant others.

Across every age group they studies, more single men than women wanted children. What accounts for this paradigm shift?

First and foremost, women are making more money and holding higher positions in their jobs than ever before. They are the much-awaited fruits of the labor of women's liberation; they want it all and can have it all. And having it all, of course, takes time to achieve.

Women can also have children well into their 30s and it still considered both safe and socially acceptable. Take a cue from the popular (and iconic) hit TV show, Sex and the City. All of the characters were single women in their 30s who probably could have married someone if they wanted to, but chose to wait it out for Mr. Right instead of settling down with someone they were unsure of. Whether it was a case of art imitating life or vice-versa, it has become desirable for women to set their standards high in all walks of life.

The article closes with a curious thought: maybe, just like men, women enjoy being single? The study found that 16 % of women ages 35-44 wanted to have children whereas 27 % of men (almost twice that of women) did.

Helen Fisher, an anthropologist who headed the study, put it best:

"We're still carting around the concept that they're workaholics or desperate or can't get on with anyone," she says. "The reality is that many of them may be choosing this lifestyle."

Does this mean they want to be single forever? Or that marriage is a dying institution? It's hard to tell.

But one thing is worth considering: men and women might just be more alike than we thought.



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