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My Fiancé Wants to Invite His Ex to Our Wedding!

My Fiancé Wants to Invite His Ex

The Dilemma: Your fiancé wants to invite his ex-girlfriend to your wedding. They are part of the same circle of friends and still have a good rapport. You are really uncomfortable with the idea and don’t want his ex at the wedding.

Thoughts: This is never a simple situation. Your fiancé really wants his ex-girlfriend there because they are still friends and she played an important role in his life. You, however, will feel violated on some level if she attends. Hmmmm…

The Conclusion: Ultimately, it is totally reasonable for your future husband to invite old friends, even if he used to date them. If you feel weird about their friendship, you had better have an open conversation with your husband-to-be. Healthy relationships require open and honest communication. If you are about to marry this man, you’d better be able to tell him how you feel! If it makes you more comfortable, suggest that the three of you grab a drink or meet up one night to eliminate any potential awkwardness. And lastly, relax. No need to fret— your fiancé has eyes for you and only you!

Write in and let us know what you think. Is it O.K for your fiancé to invite his ex-girlfriend to your wedding?


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