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Introducing Fancy Color Diamonds

Introducing Fancy Color Diamonds

Believe it or not, not all women want classic engagement rings. Some women prefer engagement rings that are more unique. For example, some women like vintage engagement rings, while others like sleek modern settings. Some women opt for gemstone rings, while others sport rough center stones. The latest trend to hit the bridal jewelry scene is color engagement rings. Colorless diamonds are no longer the talk of the town, as fancy color diamonds seems to be making a bigger sparkle.

So what exactly is so special about fancy color diamonds?

Fancy color diamonds are rarer than colorless diamonds.  About one out of every 10,000 naturally produced diamonds are considered “fancy colored.” The term “fancy” was created by the Gemological Institute of America to distinguish between natural-color polished diamonds which display color and white diamonds.

And celebrities, of course, love fancy color diamonds. Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson and Kelly Clarkson are just a few of the many celebrities who rock fancy color diamonds on their ring fingers. In typical Hollywood fashion, these lovely ladies are all about glitzing up the red carpet.


What is your opinion on fancy color engagement rings? Love them or do you prefer traditional colorless diamonds? Write in a let us know!


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