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How Long To Wait For An Engagement Ring?

How Long To Wait For An Engagement

At one point, Janelle Harris had been with her boyfriend eight long years before he even thought about giving her an engagement ring and popping the question.  This got her to pop her own question to the general public:

How long is too long to be in a relationship without a proposal if you're looking to get married?

Harris blogged about the topic for The Stir, a website that celebrates mom topics with friends. 

Harris told readers about her non-committal boyfriend of 8 years who was loved by her daughter, her family and her friends, but never returned the love to his gal pal by giving her that coveted diamond jewelry box she was hoping for. 

More so, despite being committed to her, he didn't offer her that lifelong symbol of commitment. 

She waited and waited while he bestowed upon her a leather jacket, electronics, and great shoes, but never so much as a glint of something diamond.  As she winded her way through her twenties, there was still no sign of commitment from the man who she had fallen in love with.  Even with all the emotional obstacles, experiences, and the memories, the man still wouldn't pop what Harris thought was the inevitable question.

She tells us that the relationship was an amazing life lesson in self-empowerment and her own needs, wants, and desires for a compatible mate.  Though she ended it three years ago, the positive self-esteem didn't come quickly—she had to work on it and also work on finding someone that was suitable for her without making her feel like she was settling for second best. Instead, when she began dating her next (and current) boyfriend, she made sure to lay it all out on the table before they got serious. She told him right away that she was looking for the person she was hoping to marry so the two would be serious and not waste their time together. 

Remember Jen Aniston and Ben Affleck in the powerful chick flick He's Just Not That Into You? Affleck's character loved Aniston, but didn't want to get married to her because he thought it was a bunch of baloney. When the two separated, he realized that he really did love Aniston more than himself and he would do whatever it was to make her happy—even if it meant giving her that coveted engagement ring.  So you see, if he's not willing to commit in the future, he may never be willing to commit. 

How long have you been with your current significant other? And how long are you willing to wait?



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