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WWRGD- She Wants to Drag Me to all the Wedding Preparations.

Her Dreaded Wedding Preparations

Life getting you down? Have no fear – our resident guru, Ryan G. explains why asking yourself, “what would Ryan Gosling do?” is the answer to all your problems.


Dear Ryan,


My fiancée is in the process of looking for wedding dresses. She is always dragging me along to dress appointments. I can’t stand the appointments and by now, I’ve gone to so many of them that I couldn’t care less what she wears. She made an appointment for next week, Wednesday night, which is my poker night. On top of everything else, it’s my turn to host. I’m excited to get married but I don’t want the wedding preparations to take over my life. How do I get out of this stuff?






Couldn’t Care Less Chris





Dear Couldn’t Care Less Chris,



I feel for you. I really do. I would rather gargle with shards of glass than go shopping for wedding dresses, or anything, for that matter. An ex-girlfriend once broke up with me because, in the middle of a holiday shopping trip together, I blurted out, “I have never despised you more than I do now.”


Sound familiar?


Ryan Gosling would n-e-v-e-r make such a rookie mistake. He wouldn’t cancel poker night; instead, he would go the next wedding dress appointment with her. When she comes out in the first dress, he’d look at her, his lower lip would begin to tremble and then slowly, tears would stream down his cheeks. He would confess that the experience of watching her try on wedding dresses is too emotional to bear and that his delicate soul can only handle so much beauty, and then bolt outta there (extra points for screaming, “I love you!” at the top of your lungs on the mad dash out). You will henceforth be exempt from all wedding duties and can continue to host your weekly poker nights.



Your welcome.



Ryan G.




Disclaimer: the words and opinions of Ryan G. are in no way connected to Ryan Gosling.



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