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Guys Weigh In: What Turns Them Off About Women's Style

Guys Weigh In: What Turns Them Off

Ever wonder what a guy thinks about women’s fashion and jewelry choices? Read on the find out which mistakes make a guy go… yuck.

“I don’t like it when a girl cakes on the make-up. I love the natural look but if she decides to wear make-up, it should look easy and accentuate her features. In my opinion a girl who wears too much make-up comes across as being very high maintenance, which is always a scary thought for a guy. And I also ask myself, how long did it take her to put all that make-up on? Does that mean she’s going to take two hours just to go out for coffee?”

Andrew, 29

“One of the worst fashion blunders is when girls try too hard to emulate celebrities’ fashion. After celebrities started carrying around tiny dogs in Louis Vuitton bags, I used to see girls all around town. I find it pretty ridiculous to carry around a dog like an accessory, not to mention in a bag that costs as much as my rent. It ends up making those girls look like they have no sense of self and would carry around trash bags if Paris Hilton was doing it.”

Dan, 32

“To me, there is nothing worse than a girl who dresses too provocatively. Women whose skirts are too short or expose too much cleavage instantly make me look elsewhere. It’s even worse if she’s decked out in stilettos that are impossible to walk in. Basically, if she leaves little to the imagination, the chase suddenly becomes boring and unattractive.”

Marshall, 24


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