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Four Ways to Make a Guy Smile

Four Ways to Make a Guy Smile

A smile, like a picture, is worth a thousand words. Something as small and overlooked as a smile is all it takes sometimes to open to door to love and romance. Getting a guy to smile is a surefire way to get him to notice and remember you.

We all know that smiling at a guy across the room is a surefire way to get him to come over and talk to you. But what else makes a guy smile? 

We polled eligible bachelors between the ages of 18-40 to find out what women do that makes them smile.The majority of guys said that spontaneity and the element of surprise went a long way to make their day. Men will smile the most when they least expect you to do something nice.

1.    Open the Door for Him
Many men believe that women expect men to open doors. Few men expect that a woman will open a door for them, especially at a public place. The simple gesture of opening a door can make a guy walk through the door of your heart. 

2.    Bring Him Chocolate
Men love chocolate too! But don't wait until Valentine’s day to bring him some delectible goods. Surprising your boyfriend or potential boyfriend with something as simple as a high quality chocolate bar, or a small bag or chocolate covered raisins or almonds will sweeten his day...and give him a sweet tooth for you

3.   Text Him Good Morning or Good Night 
A quick and flirtatious romantic text to start off his morning or close out his evening —something along the lines of Have A gr8 Day QT or Goodnight QT Pie—will put a smile on his face and make him think of you all day, or dream of you all night. 

4.   Be Bold With Flattery
Sometimes you need to be bold. Women can be shy about telling a man he’s beautiful or desirable. Telling him he has the most beautiful eyes in the world, or a great smile, or an incredible bod, or a brilliant mind will definitely put a smile on his face.  Remember to keep it real and say it from the heart. If you’re too shy to go all out with the flattery, even a small does goes a long way. You can tell him how great a certain color looks on how you’re impressed about a recent accomplishment of his.

These simple gestures are a great way to draw romance into your life. And remember...a smile one day can lead to a ring on your finger the next.


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