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Engagement Ring Advice for Women Over 35

Engagement Ring Advice for Women Ov

Thirty-five is the new twenty-five. Women over 35 are more active, fit, and have greater purchasing power than their mothers` generation did. Women have attained financial freedom in the workplace, are earning advanced degrees in traditionally male disciplines, and achieving their career goals in record numbers.

Befittingly, getting married later in life has become a modern global trend. According to official U.S. Bureau of the Census Statistics, the median age for a woman`s first marriage was 26, up from 23.9 in 1990. Online dating sites report a surge in over-35 dating and relationships for the mature age bracket continue to increase because of the ease of meeting online. The dating and marriage climate changed dramatically with the onset of the internet.

Kate Middleton--officially Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, wife of British Royal Prince William--captivated the world at the age of 29, with her recent fairytale wedding, making her a considerably older bride than her predecessor, the late Princess Diana of Wales, who wed Prince Charles at age 20.

Some of our favorite and beloved women celebrities have tied the knot after 35. They include Salma Hayek (42), Helen Hunt (38), Nicole Kidman (39), Diane Lane (40), Elizabeth Hurley (42), and Julianne Moore (43). Earlier this year, Sherri Shepherd, co-host of the ABC daytime talk show The View, flaunted a three-carat princess-cut diamond engagement ring on air. Shepherd is 44 and living proof that a mature women can wear a ring just as well as a younger woman.

There are countless benefits to getting married after the age of 35, including:

LONGEVITY: research indicates that young people are almost three times as likely to divorce if they marry before the age of 27.

FINANCIAL SECURITY: couples who marry at an older age are more financially stable.

HAPPINESS: couples 35 and older are more mature, which translates to relationship fulfillment. Women over 35 tend to what they want and know what works for them. "The standard parameters of dating from your 20s are no longer in play," says Jane Ganahl, editor of Single Woman of a Certain Age. Ideally, an engagement ring for a woman over 35 is a reflection of her personal style, life experience, and future aspirations--not merely a piece of bling that conforms to trends or peer pressure. Some helpful guidelines can facilitate engagement ring choice for mature women.


Collaborative Ring Planning: women should feel free to discuss their engagement ring preferences with their partner. Collaborative ring planning is appropriate for the over-35 set, especially for previously married women who want to avoid a new engagement ring that is too reminiscent of the old one. While pre-planning a ring may ruin the surprise, it can also save years of disatisfaction and disappointment.

Career Matching: an engagement ring should suit a woman`s vocation. If one`s career involves working with their hands or working outdoors, for instance, a ring that juts out too much or requires a lot of upkeep may not be appropriate.

Practicality: an engagement ring should be versatile and comfortable. The ring should be suited for the events, functions, and gatherings that its wearer regularly attends. It should comfortably conform to her daily routine without having to be removed (expect on rare occasion). Busy lifestyles may render some rings impractical.

A Reflection of Self: women over 35 generally do not require as much external validation as younger women. A mature woman knows what she likes and knows what works and doesn't work for her. An engagement ring should reflect her unique self, and not simply conform to peer-pressure or passing trends. A woman over 35 may elect to wear a plain band instead of a ring with a prominent stone or a stone of a non-standard color, for, for example, if it reflects her unique style.

Classic Styles Rule: classic ring designs are a winning choice for women over 35 (and women in general). Diamond solitaire rings and traditional bands, for example, are design choices whose clean lines convey elegance and timelessness. Classic styles are also more versatile than trendier offerings.

Cost Effectiveness: women over 35 are smart consumers. They know how to earn money and how to spend it wisely. An engagement ring represents lasting commitment and values, not a frivolous fashion statement. Value is an important consideration for women over 35, who should be proud of their smart shopping savvy and apply it to ring selection. Bigger and pricier isn't necessarily better.

Cultural Heritage and Tradition: cultural heritage is often a source of pride for mature women. Women over 35 should feel free to incorporate elements of their culture and heritage in ring choice. In some cultures, for example, certain shapes, patterns, stones, and metals hold historical, symbolic, and traditional significance. These traditions can play an important role in ring selection.

Getting engaged is a wonderful milestone for women of all ages. Although the rules of the game are different for women over 35 than they are for women in their teens and twenties, the game can be just as fun and rewarding.


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