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Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is invariably one of the best of your life. Unfortunately, planning a wedding can often be a huge source of stress and no topic is more sensitive than the wedding dress. Every woman should have high expectations and never settle for anything other than a dress she loves. Here are some tips to make sure you make the most of the dress shopping experience.

1. Make your appointments early in the morning.

The golden rule of wedding dress shopping holds: the less hectic the store, the more attention for the bride-to-be. Getting there first means that the consultants can give you their full attention and make you feel like the princess you are!

2. Don’t forget your camera

A camera is a fundamental part of the wedding dress shopping process, for a variety of reasons. First, mirrors can be deceiving. Some stores use the notorious “skinny mirror” – a mirror that is slightly angled to make you look taller and narrower. For this reason alone, it’s always good practice to snap a few pics. Second, it’s the only way to really remember each dress. After about four dresses, they all start to blur together, making it very difficult to make a decision.

3. Avert your eyes from the dress size!!!

Wedding dress sizes run at least two sizes larges than normal dresses, so a woman who is normally a size 8 would be at least a size 12, if not larger. The worst mistake you can make is to spend time analyzing what your dress size means – it means nothing. Go with the dress that makes you feel the most beautiful.


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