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A Quick Guide to Bridal Jewelry

A Quick Guide to Bridal Jewelry

Choosing bridal jewelry is just one of a seemingly infinite amount of choices that face a bride before her big day. No bride-to-be should underestimate the power of accessories. The small touches are as important as the dress when it comes to a bride’s overall appearance as she walks down the aisle.

When it comes to bridal jewelry, making the right choice can be as stressful as it is fun. Should you splurge on fine jewelry, or opt for costume jewelry? Does the jewelry have to match your dress? Should bridal jewelry be bold or subtle?

Here’s a quick guide to bridal jewelry basics. It’ll help you break down the major categories of bridal jewelry so you can easily pick a style and sensibility that works for you.

Modern Bridal Jewelry
Modern bridal jewelry is often non-traditional in nature. The pieces may be sculptural, geometric, colorful, or layered.  Modern bridal jewelry is often bold in appearance and makes an artistic statement of its own, rather than simply complementing the wedding dress.  Modern bridal jewelry may incorporate mixed materials and unconventional design details such as two-tone metals, the pairing of beads of different shapes and sizes, and unconventional color combinations. Modern bridal jewelry can be chunky and funky, or architectural and minimal, like a simple geometric pendant. The right modern jewelry can spice up a simple wedding gown and is perfect for the bride who loves modern art and fashion and wants a departure from traditional wedding looks.

Classic Bridal Jewelry
When you think of classic bridal jewelry, you think “timeless” and “tradition”. Classic bridal jewelry typically incorporates precious metals and diamonds or pearls, be they real of faux, and never goes out of style. A pearl choker and cuff is a common choice of classic brides, as are pearl or diamond stud or drop earrings. Classic bridal jewelry enhances the wedding dress in an elegant and subtle way, never competing with it for attention. Classic bridal jewelry usually blends in seamlessly with the wedding dress and the background and tends to be more comfortable than other styles, because the pieces are generally smaller and more delicate, and made of higher end materials. White diamonds, real of faux, are staples of classic bridal jewelry, as they have the advantage of matching virtually any outfit and complementing all colors.

Crystal Bridal Jewelry
Crystal bridal jewelry is the trend of choice for both the budget bride, as it is more affordable than precious metals and gemstones, and the bride who is crafting a fairytale appearance on her wedding day. Considered “costume” jewelry, crystal jewelry sparkles like diamonds and adds loads of glamour to a bridal ensemble. Crystal jewelry is typically sold and worn as components of a matching set. The set often consists of earrings, a necklace, a cuff, and a tiara. Crystal bridal jewelry is larger and more princess and fairytale-like in overall appearance than classic bridal jewelry. It’s perfect for the woman who wants to live out the bridal fantasy on her special day. Crystal jewelry is more photogenic than other jewelry styles.

The right bridal jewelry will put the finishing touches on your appearance on your big day. When choosing bridal jewelry, consider comfort as well as beauty, and plan according to your personality and your budget. 



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