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Tying the Knot Later in Life

Tying the Knot Later in Life

If Kate Middleton's wedding can be taken as an example, (almost) 30 is looking like a great age for marriage. One reader figures, if the Duchess of Cambridge can do it, so can she…



Dear Kate,


I wanted to thank you for waiting until you were 29 to get married. The way I see it, (almost) 30 is the new 20, and I'm so happy that you're the leader of the pack. You represent a new generation of women who are successful, independent and aren't in a rush to tie the knot. I resent the media for calling you "Waity Katie," in response to having waited 7 years for an engagement ring. You showed the world that the criticism couldn't faze you and you took the media attention with smarts and grace.


You, dear Kate, are everything that a modern day woman is meant to be. You didn't wait around for a prince to come and turn you into a princess (no pun intended). Instead, you took the time to get an education and develop your career. When you dove into the arts, charity work and business world, you came out of it as an example of the woman I strive to be.


So when my parents start pressuring me and my long-term boyfriend and to go ahead and tie the knot, I don't feel the least bit stressed. I know it will happen in the future but I'm happy to be doing me in the meantime.



Thanks for your realness,



Not Racing Against the Clock



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