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7 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Wedding

7 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Wedding

Dave Jackson writes about money saving strategies, particularly as they relate to important decisions and purchases in life - including wedding and jewelry.


The average wedding in the U.S. is currently costing a cool $28,427, according to The Knot . Running up that much debt to pay for your wedding can ensure your new life as a couple gets off to a rocky financial start. Instead of spending your nest egg on the first day of your marriage, consider some Budget Ideas - more conservative approaches to saving on your wedding ceremony. If you're willing to put in some effort and do a little research, there is a wide variety of ways to save on expenses when you tie the knot. Read on to learn how.


1. Save on Invitations

Save a ton of cash by sending your wedding invitations out electronically. You can cut your postage costs to zero and save on paper stock, envelopes, and printing services. Check out Evite to learn more.


2. Cut Back on Flowers

If there's a location in your area, check out Whole Foods Market to save on flowers. Even though it's an organic company, its flower rates are very competitive. If that's not an option, consider the websites FiftyFlowers or GrowersBox.


3. Save on the Venue

You can save a bundle by holding your ceremony and reception dinner at the same venue. You won't have to worry about finding availability at two separate places, and you're going to save on transportation costs, set-up, and cleaning fees as well. There are more than likely several local venues that can support both events.


4. Reduce Menu Costs

Sure, prime rib and loaded baked potatoes are going to be popular with your guests, but they may be just as happy with grilled cheese and soup. The people attending your ceremony are there to celebrate your union, not to stuff themselves with fine cuisine. Keep costs in mind when choosing your menu and you can save significantly, especially if your contingent is rather large.


5. Have the Rehearsal Dinner at Home

I held an awesome rehearsal dinner at my home, and actually, it wasn't much of a dinner at all. We invited the priest and his wife over, along with all the members of the wedding party. We served appetizers and wine, and the rehearsal was done intimately in our back yard. Don't fall prey to the misconception that your rehearsal dinner has to be an extravagant event. Keep it low-key and in-home, and your overall costs are going to continue to go down.


6. Limit the Alcohol

Skip the hard liquor at your reception and instead serve domestic beer and wine. You can cut down on costs, and lessen the chance of anyone in your party embarrassing themselves.


7. Save on the Honeymoon

Although a week in Aruba may sound enticing, your honeymoon can be just as romantic somewhere not quite as upscale. Your new life with your partner is going to be financially challenging enough - who needs to throw an extra $10,000 of debt into the equation. Research your state's tourism website for intimate places to spend your honeymoon or consider some of the cheaper destinations here in the States such as Charleston, SC or Gatlinburg, TN.


Saving money on your wedding is great, but skipping the tip for all those involved isn't. Be sure you tip the priest or pastor, give appropriate gratuity to the ceremony servers, if not already included in the bill, and don't forget to tip the band or DJ, coat check employees, and limo drivers. This is all good karma that's sure to make your wedding, and hopefully your marriage, a success.


What other ways can you think of to save on a wedding?


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