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5 Surprising Reasons Your Guy Hasn't Proposed...Yet

5 Surprising Reasons Your Guy Hasn'

No it's not because of a fear of commitment. Find out about the surprising reasons why he hasn't proposed... yet.

1. He may not necessarily be turned off by the idea of marriage, per se, but he is still undecided on how he feels about fatherhood. Many guys won't want give you an engagement ring until they know exactly whether or not they want children.

2. His career may be the thing that is standing in the way of a proposal. The important thing to remember, however, is that he is waiting because he wants to have everything in his life in relative order, not because he necessarily has a problem with marrying you. It's important for many guys to feel as though they can provide for themselves and someone else. Don't let yourself be dragged on too long because of this but don't immediately assume you and his career can't complement one another.

3. Even if you and your guy are in a great relationship and you're sure that the other person is "The One," he may still not be ready to seal the deal, so to speak. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you or want to marry you in the future (near or far) but sometimes it takes some time to reconcile the feelings of "til death do us part." Think about it this way: wouldn't you rather get engaged to a man who has thought it through, instead of being an impulse bride?

4. Your man might think that if he gets married, he will have to let go of all the things he ever wanted for himself because he will have to start being "practical." Maybe he wanted to start his own business but thinks that once you get married, he'll have to start saving up toward buying a house. Let him know that you support him and the dreams he's been wanting to fulfill.

5. You may actually have nothing to do with his reservations. Weddings, simply as far as expenses are concerned, are a big turn off to many men. If you work hard to make a living, spending a lot of money on a wedding can sometimes feel like the most expensive party of your life and not a celebration of true and pure love. Plus, the thought of you turning into a bridezilla scares him. If he falls into this category, make sure he understands that you're more excited to be marrying him than culminating a long, fairy tale journey.


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