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3 Signs He's Going To Propose

3 Signs He's Going To Propose

Wondering if your man's going to pop the question and slip an engagement ring on your finger? These three signs will help you figure it out.

Number One: He starts asking you a bunch of questions


Every guy wants his proposal to be special and meaningful. If he starts asking you questions like, "What's your all-time favorite song?" or "What's your dream vacation?" he might be planning to pop the question. There's no doubt he wants his proposal to resonate with you but he also knows that it's a story that you'll be telling for the rest of your lives, so it better be good!

Number Two: He has suddenly become more romantic than usual


Has your man brought you a box of chocolates or flowers? Has he taken a sudden interest in poetry or painting? Our resident love expert, Sarah, believes that this could be a sign he wants to make the ultimate gesture. "Guys like to test out the waters before a proposal to gauge how you'll react," says Sarah. "It's a way for him to check whether or not he's headed in the right direction with his proposal. It's also a sure-fire sign that he is truly excited to be spending the rest of his life with you." What a great time to be a lady!

Number Three: He starts talking about his attributes more often than before


It doesn't matter if you're a bona fide career woman, the old adage is true: men like to be caretakers. "It's in their nature to want to provide for you and your future children," says Sarah. "So it's only natural for them to remind you about the pay raise he received or the house he's thinking of buying." In these cases, don't feel the need to get competitive and reassert your own successes over his own. Acknowledging his accomplishments is a great way to show him you are on his team, and will be for the rest of your lives.



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